Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting Out Of The Grey Area Of Love!

The other night I had a dream. I was looking into the ocean, but it was not the beautiful aqua blue ocean I have grown to love. It was grey with clouds drapping over it like chalk. Goats and some animals unfamiliar to me walked slowly out and away from the ocean as if they had become distressed, weary, and unclear by this literally grey area of their life.

This grey area seems all to familiar to me; especially as it pertains to relationships. The older I get the more I am realizing that love does not live in the grey. You either love someone or you let it go. You do or you don’t. You say yes or you say no. You enjoy or you dislike.

So many times I feel like people convince themselves to stay in relationships by living in the grey area. But, love does not live in the distressed, weary, mucky grey area. Love is light. It is about receiving, giving, sharing, trusting, and taking chances.

When I think about love I am reminded of a church service I went to about 6 years ago. There was a female preacher standing at the alter. Within seconds of the alter call annoucement a tall, slender man came walking down the aisle. He seemed very weak. As he walked it was clear to see that his legs were getting weaker and weaker. The minister in the pulpit saw this. As the man was about to fall in the aisle, the pastor leaped over the alter and ran down the aisle to catch him. She caught him with love in her hands before he could hit the floor. This is love.

The pastor extended her hands to another without living in the grey. She could have hesitated or waited for someone else to assist the man, but she acted out of love and took a chance to catch the man.

Love is special. It holds us up when we are weak and gives us light whenever there is darkness. I am no expert on love, but what I do know is that love does not live in the grey. It gives us the guts to be selfless enough to catch someone else, someone we choose to love.

In Peace,

Argrow "Kit" Evans