Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is The Present God's Gift or The Android?

Today I thought about going to the Verizon store and having a celebration. The thought was to take some balloons, cupcakes, and a group of friends to celebrate downgrading my Android to a feature phone with no internet. Why? For a year and a half I have had the convenience of phone, text messaging, gmail, facebook, facebook chat, gchat, skype, twitter, myspace, pandora, google search, google maps, and more all at my fingertips! But I am really starting to question: "Kit, is all of this really necessary?" I asked a friend the same question and they let me know that it was all about convenience. Though true, I also think the smart phone can be an inconvenience.

I remember a young man telling me once, "Always enjoy the present because it is God's gift to us, and it's the only thing that we have now." Don't get me wrong the convenience of a smart phone assists greatly, especially for people who need it for specific purposes. However, what happens with our time when the text becomes more important than the dinner, the tweet becomes more important than the in person conversation, the email becomes more important than family? As our world becomes more and more technology savvy it is important that we balance this while continuing to give attention to the people and things that are most important to us. So, will I be having a party at Verizon in the next week? What do you think?

In Peace,

Argrow "Kit"


  1. So true!!!! I've been guilty of being so engulfed in my phone that I've neglected my loved ones in the same room. There are more important things in life! So as a rule, which sometimes I need to be reminded of, no phones allowed when we get home. It's all about quality time.

  2. I'm thinking that I would like a Skype-catch-up with you LOL...seriously, you've given me more to mull & contemplate than my 2 or 3 hunt-n-peck fingers can deal with at the moment...but I will say re: your first blog post that you are giving me encouragement to finally, maybe, start my own blog...

  3. Erin, you are so right! I think balance and recognizing the need for balance is key. You are not the only one. I think many of us are on the journey of learning to live a more balanced life. So many people say, "the best things in life are free." I wonder how much truth actually lies in that statement. Regardless, it is imperative to take the time to recognize what it is that is most important to us and to focus on these things.

    Blake, yes let's connect! And if it's in your heart and spirit to write, please do. Your voice is so important. I am learning that we never really know until we try and when we try it can be a very liberating experience!

  4. "Like!" I am so guilty of this. I don't know about giving up my iPhone, but maybe I can actually start turning it "off" every once in a while. Baby steps.